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High Performance Computing in europe with a high ecological and economical approach.
We are on a mission to bring HPC to the cloud.

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We started as GPU based blockchain enthusiasts and grew to a HPC cloud provider! We have been working on professionalising HPC infrastructure since the beginning of 2016. Our most important ambition is to bring HPC tasks to everyone. Our enthusiasm is what helped to create BlockTechSystems. Our expertise lies within building, operating and orchestrating large scale GPU clusters, aiming to be the worlds most energy-efficient and cost effective. We recently set up a large scale GPU cluster of 46.000 GPUs in Norway.

BlockTechSystems is one of the largest HPC operations in Europe.

We build and develop data centres for large scale GPU clusters. A large part of the energy required to operate IT infrastructures for "Big Data", "Deep Learning", "Neural Networks" or mining is used exclusively for cooling the IT components. Our solution is to convert the energy used for cooling into usable waste heat and return it to the community. This way we can create new and self-contained ecosystems. Therefore, we are rethinking every aspect of building GPU clusters, cooling infrastructure and datecentres in general.

Past / Present / Future

A big problem in the data centre landscape is that local infrastructures in the area of energy and bandwidth are approaching the performance limits. It is now also no longer possible to further expand the networks. This alone sometimes increases planning times for larger data centres to more than five years.

Datecentres are currently not build to accomodate the most advanced hardware, they are build to fascilitate as much traditional rack space as possible for colocation puposes. It leads to unflexible and only standardised datacentre designs. Our client is the IT hardware itself, so we are able to provide disruptive, purpose build datacentre designs, to bring cost-effective computational GPU power to the cloud.

We follow the approach of setting up our GPU clusters in places where energy is generated and cannot be used adequately.

There are numerous places in Europe – and worldwide – where immense amounts of energy are generated (e.g. wind farms in Northern Germany, biogas in rural areas, solar energy in the desert, hydropower in the mountains, etc.).

The problem is that the energy cannot always be transported to places where it is needed. We want to set up decentralised data centres in places where energy is generated but cannot be used efficiently – at the same time we want to supply the environment (residential, industrial areas, etc...) with our waste heat. This way we can make sure that an energy-intensive process, such as an HPC purpose, does not waste energy unnecessarily, but instead uses the energy that is available but cannot currently be consumed.

we are on a mission

The benefits

think global

We are setting up decentralised HPC centres all over Europe.


We do not consume energy – we use energy in places where it is generated!

Easy to set up

Our systems are easy to set up. All we need is access to water, electricity and a data line.

power reduction

We are designing systems to minimize the energy used for cooling.

energy conversion

Through our energy efficient cooling techniques, we eventually create the possibility to give back heat to the community.

future act

We are developing data centre solutions for the future for "Deep Learning", "Rendering", "Neural Networks" and other complex application areas.

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Our Story

how it all started


Mining begins, the first mining rigs go on line

Colocation in the Netherlands. The first 1000 GPUs will be built in a rented data centre

Our colocation partner has no space left

Planning of our first blockchain mining data centre in the Netherlands

Another colocation partner is joining us (Eindhoven)

Development work begins in order to liquid-cool mining IT

The first prototype of a 100% liquid-cooled mining cassette is created

Construction work begins on our own data centre. We decide to build a demo centre with 10 liquid-cooled modules in Eindhoven together with our colocation partner

Application for subsidies to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency "Immersed Blockchain Computing" (DEI Topsector Energie). Construction phase 1 completed and a classic cold aisle is created (air-cooled)

Delivery and commissioning of the first module

Completion of phase 1: air-cooled cold aisle (several thousand GPUs)

All 10 modules delivered in Eindhoven. Subsidy application approved and paid out

Planning phase 2 and 3: immersed blockchain computing in our own data centre

Start of construction work for phase 2 in our own data centre (26 modules to be built and commissioned)

Phase 2 completed

Start of construction work phase 3 (another 26 modules to be commissioned)

Phase 3 completed (tens of thousands of GPUs in operation). The capacities of our own data centre are exhausted

Implementation of the first decentralised data centre projects: How waste turns into mining, wind energy in northern Germany, biogas plants and wind energy in the Netherlands

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